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At Apricus Salon we commit to our name by inspiring our clients to bask in their natural beauty in a bright and welcoming space. We not only hold ourselves to the highest standards in the industry but make it a mission to be an inclusive judgment-free salon. Self care, more than ever, is essential and our stylists hope to be an encouraging and inspiring part of your beauty routine. 

A love letter to everyone who helped me with this project:

My vision for the salon was all based on community, and there was no way I could have pulled this together without mine. I have been incredibly blessed to have a strong network of people who have encouraged me, lent me their hands to make the space beautiful and helped me see straight when my head and heart were in different places. I would be nothing without all of you!

A very special thank you to Michael Rupp for my remodel and the most incredible hugs in the world when you're feeling discouraged. 

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